Zeiss IOL Master V5 Biometry A Scan

  • Formulas for IOL Calculation including SRK®II, SRK®/T, Holladay, Hoffer Q, and Haigis
  • Data Measurement for Calculation of Intraocular Lenses
  • A New Standard for Accuracy and Precision
  • Data Interface for Office Management Systems


The rapid evolution of IOL technology promises superior outcomes in cataract surgery, and it necessarily raises the bar for pre-operative biometry.The Zeiss IOLMaster V5 sets a new standard for highly accurate, precise measurements of all ocular characteristics necessary for IOL power calculations.
The Zeiss IOLMaster V5  is the world’s first instrument for the totally non-contact measurement of all data required for the calculation of intraocular lenses. After more than ten years of clinical experience and ongoing product enhancement, the Zeiss IOLMaster is truly the Gold Standard in biometry.

Measuring ranges • Axial length 14 – 40 mm
• Corneal radii 5 – 10 mm
• Depth of anterior chamber 1.5 – 6.5 mm
• White-to-white 8 – 16 mm

Scaling of display • Axial length 0.01 mm
• Corneal radii 0.01 mm
• Depth of anterior chamber 0.01 mm
• White-to-white 0.1 mm

Formulas for IOL calculation
• SRK® II, SRK®/T, Holladay, Hoffer Q, Haigis
• Clinical history and contact lens fitting method for calculation of the corneal refractive power subsequent to refractive corneal surgery
• Haigis-L for IOL calculation for eyes after myopic/hyperopic LASIK/PRK/LASEK
• Calculation of phakic anterior and posterior chamber implants
• Optimization of IOL constants Interfaces
• Data interface for office management systems
• Data export to CD-RW or USB storage media
• Provision of data for Holladay IOL Consultant and HIC.SOAP Pro
• Ethernet port for network connection and network printer
• Compliance with HIPAA directive (USA only)in regard to user authentication and identification


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