Zeiss Atlas 995 Topographer

This is a refurbished unit. Comes with a 6 month Parts and Labor warranty


Highly intuitive and user-friendly, the Humphrey ATLAS Corneal Topography System is ideal for primary care, computerized contact lens fitting, pathology detection, and corneal refractive surgery management.
The ATLAS System combines comprehensive software with advanced imaging and analysis technology and has established itself as the world’s most popular corneal topography system. It sets the standard of care, incorporating many exclusive features and capabilities, such as an advanced Arc-Step Algorithm, true elevation data and aspheric surface reconstruction.
The 22-ring Placido Cone presents a larger limbus-to-limbus field of view and its ideal spacing avoids ring crossover. The patented Cone-of-Focus technology enables superior electronic alignment for greater repeatability and accuracy. Also patented is the ATLAS Patient Interface, which positions the patient for wide peripheral coverage and automatically detects OS/OD. The ATLAS System also features Automatic Pupil Measurement and has USB and Ethernet capabilities to support network data storage and printing.
Included with the ATLAS System are the Advanced Refractive Diagnostic and Healing Trend/STARS software modules, which provide true elevation, irregularity and trending tools for today’s practice in a managed care environment.
Advanced Refractive Diagnostics
The Advanced Refractive Diagnostics module adds true elevation and wavefront irregularity maps to enhance surgical and diagnostic decisionmaking. True elevation (vs. “height” maps from conventional topographers) is made possible by the patented Cone-of-Focus, which uses a unique extended Placido ring to establish a reference for highly accurate, true surface elevation. The irregularity map displays residual surface features that contribute to higher order aberrations and may limit best-corrected visual acuity.
Working Distance: 70mm
Field of view: 12.5mm
Placido Rings: 22 (18 superiorly), near-infrared
Range: x to y mm, 15 to 95 D (n=1.3375)
Repeatablity: + 0.10 D on test sphere
Archive/Backup: Floppy, network, or external hard drive
Printing: USB, Serial Port, Ethernet


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