S4Optik 1600 Stand

The console is equipped with three recharging wells and also features a raise/lower switch for chair control, rheostat for overhead light intensity control and main on/off switch.

The lock/release mechanism is conveniently located under the slit lamp arm and allows height adjustment with single handed control. A 13” (33cm) range of travel from 24” (60.9cm) to 37” (93.9cm) from the floor and is counterbalanced to accommodate instruments up to 60lbs (27.2kg). The switch controlling the chair’s height is conveniently located on the front of the arm for easy, effortless access (reversible for left handed setup).

An ergonomically designed lever mechanism conforms to natural hand movements and engages a single lock mechanism in three dimensions (forward/backward/vertical). The arm is capable of a vertical range of 12.5” (31.75cm) and is counterbalanced to accommodate instruments up to 20lbs (9.1kg).

A modern overhead light is a standard feature on the Model 1600-ST and employs a longlasting halogen lamp, providing bright, direct light for general lighting or minor procedures. A metal lamp arm construction allows one handed movement with long lasting durability. The lamp is low voltage (12V) for safety.


The S4Optik Ophthalmic stand model 1600-ST brings Elegant Simplicity to the exam room;  with clean esthetics, exceedingly simple instrument positioning and strong, durable construction.

• Functional Instrument Console
• Precision Counterbalanced Refractor And Slit Lamp Arms
• Halogen Overhead Lamp
• Advanced Engineering And Construction


This is a BRAND NEW S4Optik 1600 ophthalmic stand. Sold with a 1 year Parts and Labor warranty


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