Reichert Avia Tonopen Handheld Applanation Tonometer

No Calibration
The Reichert TONOPEN AVIA does not require daily calibration.

Accurate and Easy to Use
The Reichert TONOPEN AVIA is designed to help eliminate operator error and functions in any position, making it ideal to use on all your patients, including those in beds or wheelchairs. Activated by the push of a button, the IOP measurement is displayed on two large, easy-to-read, LCD screens. Patients will appreciate the quick and gentle measurement process.

The Reichert TONOPEN AVIA utilizes micro strain gauge technology and a 1.0mm transducer tip. The device displays the average of 10 independent readings along with a statistical confidence indicator, ensuring accurate, repeatable, and reliable tonometry results.

The Reichert TONOPEN AVIA tonometer features the same proven accuracy as the clinically trusted TONOPEN XL, but with a more ergonomic design, four times longer lasting battery, and larger LCD screens. The proven reliability of Reichert’s applanation tonometers allows operators to take IOP measurements confidently anytime, anywhere, and in any position.

Product Description

The Reichert handheld TonoPen AVIA applanation tonometer is an easy to use hand held ophthalmic instrument, providing IOP readings that correlate strongly with the Goldmann Tonometer. The lightweight, ergonomic design, and advanced electronics of the new Tonopen AVIA allow operators to take fast accurate IOP measurements with minimal training. Reichert Tono Pen AVIA is powered by a battery pack which is good for over 2,500 measurements. The Reichert Tonopen AVIA, like the Tonopen XL, uses the sanitized OCU-FILM Tip Covers to minimize the risk of cross-contamination.


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